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LipiGesic M by Puramed Bioscience

LipiGesic M by Puramed Bioscience

LipiGesic M by Puramed Bioscience

LipiGesic M is doctor recommended natural headache pain reliever medication that treats and stops all the symptoms of a migraine!

LipiGesic M outperforms most top-selling prescription migraine medications, and is far less expensive than prescription drugs.

LipiGesic M does NOT contain acetaminophen, reducing your risk of liver damage and rebound headaches.

LipiGesic M is non-drowsy and non-habit forming. It has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines when used as a preventative.

  • No aspirin or acetaminophen
  • No rebound headache
  • No reported drug interactions
LipiGesic M uses a revolutionary sublingual delivery method that speeds all natural homeopathic medication to the bloodstream quickly for fast, safe, effective migraine pain relief.

Unlike pills or capsules, more than 75% of LipiGesic M’s powerful ingredient reaches the bloodstream.

LipiGesic M's powerful active ingredients, feverfew and ginger, work in just minutes from tongue to brain, to extinguish migraine pain.

LipiGesic M can be in your pocket and you purse. Take it with you everywhere and at the first sign of migraine strikes, knock out migraine with LipiGesic.

Don’t let migraines stop you, stop them with LipiGesic M!

Science and Nature work together to provide FAST effective relief of migraine headache pain!

LipiGesic M is a homeopathic migraine medication containing Feverfew 3X and Ginger 2X. LipiGesic M has been formulated to provide acute migraine headache relief, but also has been used to successfully treat migraines, hangover symptoms, menstrual headaches and certain other types of headaches.

All natural LipiGesic M is most effective when taken early on in the course of a headache, though it can be used at any point. Most users have reported excellent results even when the headache is well underway.

Lipigesic M complies with all the FDA regulations and guidelines for homeopathic drugs in United States and is classified under over-the-counter (OTC) drug.

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LIPAGESIC M by Puramed BioscienceLIPAGESIC M by Puramed Bioscience