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Calcium Factor Book

Calcium Factor Book

Calcium Factor Book
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The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth by Robert Barefoot and Carl M. Reich

The secret the medical community keeps from us, October 29, 2001 Reviewer from Pacific Palisades, CA United States.

This book was eye-opening...just a simple thing as alkalizing the body chemistry to ward off degenerative diseases. All women are told to take over the counter calcium, when the truth is.. about 5% is absorbed in your system, which amounts to nothing of benefit.

I don't know about you...but my Doctor has never informed me about that. I have been taking Coral Calcium for a year now and you would not believe the feeling of well being.

The coral calcium is the most bio-available calcium on the market today. Bob Barefoot opens your eyes to one of the important keys to maintaining your health. When are we going to consider our options of preventing illness instead of poisoning our bodies, after the fact.

Bob does not come out and say it directly...but the Medical community, the FDA and the Drug companies all capitalize on the population being sick.

  1. Scientific and Medical Trends in History
  2. Health and Ionized Calcium
  3. Quotable Quotes
  4. Summary of Scientific Research
  5. The Chemistry of Calcium
  6. Calcium and Digestion
  7. The Calcium Cycle
  8. Calcium and Cancer
  9. Calcium and Heart Disease
  10. Calcium and Carl Reich
  11. Calcium and Saliva pH
  12. Calcium and Electromagnetism
  13. Medical Misinformation
  14. Recipes of Good Health
  15. Calcium and Allergy
  16. Can Calcium Cure Cancer?
  17. Questions and Answers
  18. Summary
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