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Pure Colostrum6 Capsules by Immune Tree - 3 Pack Special

Pure Colostrum6 Capsules by Immune Tree - 3 Pack Special

Pure Colostrum Capsules by TBR Labs - 3 Pack Special
Pure Colostrum6 Capsules by Immune Tree - 3 Pack Special
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Pure Colostrum6 (180) Capsules by Immune Tree (Formerly TWI)

Immune Tree Colostrum Capsules "Immune Power" is a colostrum nutrition delivered in easily-digested, Kosher-certified gelatin encapsulation: a convenient, effective way to introduce TWI Colostrum into your diet.

Colostrum6 is the only science-certified whole food of its kind that benefits your body with powerful dietary supplementation providing three focused functionalities:

1. Immune System Support

2. Weight Management & Inch Loss

3. Anti-Aging

Bovine 'Immune Tree' Colostrum is Mother Nature's perfectly formed natural nano-technology for balancing the body and helping with rejuvenation, regeneration and immune system support.

This whole food provides the support your body needs to combat an increasingly polluted and toxic environment.

Immune Tree Colostrum "Immune Power" has been used successfully for centuries to provide powerful natural support against age-related dysfunctions. These anti-aging factors support your body to carry on its own natural process of cell regeneration.

25,000 published scientific papers attest to the power of Colostrum to benefit the immune system.

Cornell Professor Emeritus Dr. Donald H. Lein certfies ONLY TBR Labs Colostrum to be "colostrum-rich bovine first milk."

Immune Tree Colostrum is certified:

Mother Nature s first food for Youth, Health and Vitality

. . . what everyone wants!

Immune Tree Colostrum (highest quality) Low heat, spray dried, and chemical-free and 100% natural.

Suggested Use: Adults and children 12+ years: Take 3 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach with 8 oz. of water. Children 6 to 12 years of age: Take 1 capsule twice daily. 180 capsules per container.

Several practitioners of alternative medicine have recommended the use of colostrum to fight the swine flu.

According to Dr.Kathi Fry - a Phoenix based Board Certified OBGYN and Homeopathic practitioner, colostrum might be helpful in mitigating the effects of swine flu, because of its immune boosting properties. Dr.Fry mentioned in a radio interview that, one of the trade names of Colostrum, the Immulox spray, is available in health stores and can be used to enhance one's immunity against the H1N1 virus.

According to Dr.Vijay Bhatkar, founder of Institute of Integrative Health Care in Pune, India, there is evidence of the use of colostrum, in the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda, to boost immunity against influenza causing viruses. Dr.Bhatkar mentions that the bovine colostrum has many vital ingredients including a component called "interferon", which can have an effect on viruses such as H1N1.

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