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LeptiTrim6 Vanilla Shake by ImmuneTree - 3 pack Special

LeptiTrim6 Vanilla Shake by ImmuneTree - 3 pack Special

LeptiTrim Vanilla Shake by TBR Labs - 3 pack Special
LeptiTrim6 Vanilla Shake by ImmuneTree - 3 pack Special
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LeptiTrim6 Vanilla Shake by ImmuneTree (Formerly TWI)

Delicious, nutritious, and power-packed with ImmuneTree Colostrum and Leptin.

This meal replacement can be mixed with soy milk, no-fat milk, water, fruit juices, or yogurt.

LeptiTrim6 Shakes provide:

1. LeptiTrim6 offers A feeling of Fullness and Satisfaction

2. LeptiTrim6 supports Proper Digestion and Elimination

3. LeptiTrim6 aids Increased Nutrient Absorption

4. LeptiTrim6 enhances Thermogenesis and Leptin

The LeptiTrim6 System is a scientific breakthrough providing inch loss, weight management, and a feeling of light, bright, clean functionality available only from LeptiTrim.

Leptin is a Immune Tree science discovery that orchestrates the body's use of fats to accelerate weight maintenance and inch loss containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, Lepti-Trim nourishes the body to reduce cravings for adequate nutrition.

LeptiTrim6 bt Immune Tree System Results

A Feeling of Wellness

Immune System Support

Reduced Sense of Craving

Inch Loss, Weight Loss

Proper Nutrition of Lean Muscle Mass

Its not just another shake

it is a meal with a . . . Nutritious kick!

Suggested Use: Use as a meal replacement for weight-loss enhancement once a day.  
Add 8-10 oz. of milk, water, or your favorite beverage to three scoops and shake. 
Not suggested for pregnant or nursing women.
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